7 Foods That Contain Lots of Vitamin C

foods vitamin C

Our body needs vitamin C to perform its functions properly, one of which is to boost the immune system. The ideal requirement per day for men is 90 mg, whereas women require at least 70 mg per day.

To meet those needs, we can get from food. Some of the following types of fruits and vegetables are proven to contain vitamin C and can meet the daily needs of the body.

Reported by healthmeup.com page, 7 foods that have a lot of vitamin C content =

  1. Strawberries.
    Strawberry fruit contains high vitamin C, as well as antioxidant anthocyanins. Consumption of several fruits per day is enough to meet the daily needs of the body, and maintain health and beauty.
  2. Guava.
    This sweet and tasty fruit has a high amount of vitamin C, even bigger than oranges. In one cup of guava, there is 377 mg of vitamin C which is sufficient for the body needs per day.
  3. Yellow pepper.
    There is 155 mg vitamin C per yellow pepper, which is enough for the health of self and family if processed into vegetables. Whereas in red peppers, there is 190 mg of vitamin C.
  4. Papaya.
    This fruit is good for digestion and also contains high vitamin C that is 238 mg per serving.
  5. Mango.
    In one mango there is 122 mg of vitamin C, there is also healthy fiber and vitamin A which is good for the eyes.
  6. Kiwi.
    No less than oranges, kiwis have 167 mg of vitamin C. There are also potassium and magnesium substances that are good for the heart, as well as zinc and folate, also vitamin K and fiber.
  7. Pineapple.
    In addition to the fresh taste, pineapple has 80 mg of vitamin C which is enough for the needs of the body in a day. Consumption of one serving daily can boost your immune system.

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