3 Ways of Treatment Used to Cure Tongue Cancer

ways of treatment tongue cancer

Tongue cancers can be cured with three commonly used medical treatments. All of these methods are adapted to the stage of disease or severity.

The three ways of treatment are chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and radiation and surgery. Reported by the page Cancer.org, the first level is stage 0, the condition of cancer cells that have not attacked. At this level, the doctor will remove the uppermost tissue of the affected tongue and a bit of normal tissue underneath. How to eliminate is by surgery.

The next level is stage 1 and 2 that will be handled by the doctor by radiation or surgery. Generally, radiation is done simultaneously with chemotherapy.

Some argue that the technique of radiation and chemotherapy is not good because not only destroy cancer cells, but also healthy cells will be damaged.

However, quoting from the page Medical News Today, this technique is mostly selected by the medical side and also patients.

On the other hand, a recent study related to tongue cancer treatment techniques says that surgery is the best and most effective way. A study conducted by the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center with Dr. Douglas Chepeha from the University of Michigan Medical School said that patients are more easily restored after surgery.

However, if patients with tongue cancer are younger, chemotherapy is recommended, Dr. Douglas Chepeha.

“For young patients, chemotherapy may be better than surgery with extensive reconstruction,” he explained.


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