5 Easy Tips to Gain Weight Safely and Healthily

tips to gain weight

Raising weight to ideal weight sometimes also feels difficult for some people, just as it is difficult to lose weight for obese people. If the body is too skinny certainly not good because it is vulnerable to lack of nutrients and less pleasing to the eye.

There are several easy ways to increase your weight to the ideal weight safely and healthily, without the use of expensive drugs or certain expensive food supplements. Reported by Boldsky page, consider the following =

  1. Stomach can not be empty for more 4 hours.
    Do not let your stomach empty for more than 4 hours. Eat at intervals of 3-4 hours. It keeps your body from lacking energy and takes energy reserves from fat in the body, which has a very little supply.
  2. Eat a variety of foods.
    At one meal, combine the type of menu in your dish. For example, there should be carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins in the dishes you eat. Its function is for the body to get all the nutritional needs completely.
  3. Do not eat junk food.
    Avoid junk food, eat a healthy food and rich in nutrients so that your fat will not be followed by diseases such as high cholesterol.
  4. Drinking juice, smoothies.
    Avoid drinks that are rich in sugar content, and multiply drink fresh fruit juice, smoothies, milkshake, and other beverages containing protein. This will increase the body’s nutrient intake for the addition of ideal weight. Water is also much needed, of course.
  5. Before going to sleep try to eat first.
    Sleeping with a stomach filled will increase the body fat reserves. So do not miss your dinner, may also be added nutritious snacks such as bananas and avocados. May be useful.

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