Identify 6 Causes the Body Often Yawning Throughout the Day

body often yawning

Are you a sleepy person? Drowsiness is a natural response of the body with a sign that is often yawning. However, if yawning occurs more often throughout the day and continuous, it is necessary to find the trigger. Sometimes this is due to a problem in the body, ranging from health problems to the presence of disease.

There are a number of problems in the body that give rise to drowsiness. Quoted from the Merdeka page, these are some of them =

  1. Impaired liver function.
    The problematic liver can make the eyes drowsy and the body lethargic. To check the health of the liver, laboratory examination needs to be done. Checks can be through the laboratory at the diagnostic center or hospital.
  2. Multiple sclerosis.
    This is a disease that causes impaired thermoregulatory function. That is, a person can not control the body temperature which then causes the effect often yawning.
  3. Brain problems.
    Often yawning become a sign of a brain problem. These symptoms usually owned by those who have inflammation in the brain stem. Mild stroke sufferers can also experience it because there is an inflammation of the brain.
  4. Epilepsy.
    People who have a history of epilepsy are more likely to yawn more frequently. The trigger is the brain sends abnormal signals on the body. Sleepiness is easy to get.
  5. Side effects of taking medication.
    Some medications have sleepy side effects. Usually, these drugs contain selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or antihistamines. If you eat these drugs should not drive first.
  6. Sleep disturbance.
    People who have poor sleep patterns are more likely to feel sleepy. The body is also less fit and always want to laze around all day. Should immediately improve sleep patterns for healing.

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