Identify the Triggers and Symptoms of Tongue Cancer Early On

tongue cancer triggers symptoms

Tongue cancer is just as dangerous as other types of cancer. In patients, abnormal cells fill the area of the tongue and develop in squamous cells located on the surface of the tongue. This squamous cell has a flat shape like the skin that becomes the top layer of the mouth, nose, larynx, thyroid, and the throat.

When tongue cancer occurs, squamous cells are attacked by cancer cells. Therefore, this disease is also called squamous cell cancer. Tongue cancer can attack the tip and base of the tongue. If the part that is attacked is the front tongue, then enter the category of oral cancer. If it is located at the base of the tongue, enter the category of oropharyngeal cancer.

Quoted from the page Alodokter, tongue cancer triggers quite diverse. But so far the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco toxins is suspected to be the main trigger. Both are easy to trigger the growth of abnormal cells such as tumors or cancer. Its carcinogenic properties are capable of destroying cell DNA and culminating with cell mutations, from healthy cells to cancer cells.

The triggers of tongue cancer are varied, and each patient may have different causes. Human papillomavirus (HPV) virus can also cause tongue cancer even though the incidence is relatively rare. People who do not maintain oral hygiene can also be at risk of developing this cancer. For example, there are areas of the tongue that tend to often injured as a result of a scratch from a broken tooth in the mouth.

Tongue cancer has a number of symptoms that can be observed and felt by the patient. Often these symptoms last long enough. Here are the symptoms =

  • Have a sore throat that does not go away.
  • There are red or white spots. Or it can appear lumps and canker sores that are difficult to recover.
  • Feeling pain on swallowing.
  • There is a sense of numbness in the mouth area and lasts longer.
  • There is bleeding from inside the mouth unknown trigger.
  • In certain cases, the patient may feel an earache.

However, some of the above symptoms may be part of symptoms of another disease. In order to diagnose the disease more precisely, it is advisable to go to the hospital to know the disease experienced.

Early detection of cancer is very important. The reason, if the cancer is detected in the early stages and performed treatment, then the potential for healing is greater.


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