Why After Eating Can Be Hungry Again? Recognize Also the Dangers

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after eating hungry again

The emergence of hunger is unpredictable. In fact, a person may feel hungry despite having just consumed the main meal about two hours ago. Between one person and another is also different in feeling hungry. Well, do you know why the body can give hunger signals although not long ago consume a lot of food?

The answer lies in the body’s ability to produce leptin. This hormone is useful as a regulator of appetite. If a person eats, then the fat cells immediately release themselves into the bloodstream and into the brain so that it appears full satiety. A full satiety comes after a few minutes of food in the stomach.

However, if consumed is food that contains gluten, sugar, or high fat, leptin resistance may occur. The presence of resistance makes it difficult for the body to respond to fullness. Eventually, someone always wants to eat for just for the sake of satisfying appetite.

Poor diet may lead to leptin resistance. As a result, if you eat too much – especially with a menu rich in sugar, fat, or carbohydrates – then a person has various health risks. For example, obese, the risk of type 2 diabetes, thyroid disorders, and high levels of triglycerides in the blood.

The function of leptin hormones that have resistance can still be cured. The trick with self-control to not go crazy when eating food. In addition, other healthy lifestyles should also be applied such as more physical activity and increase the quality of foods such as fruits and vegetables.


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