Dangers of Pressing the Nose When Holding Back Sneezing

pressing nose holding back sneezing

Sneezing can come suddenly. It usually begins with an itch inside the nose and then sneezes. Relief was gained after that. And, the benefits of sneezing one of them is to expel the dirt in the nose – including the seeds of disease – so as not to enter the body. This is a natural response.

However, there are some interesting things you need to know about holding a sneeze. This is not recommended. This is the reason =

As much as possible not to hold sneezing.
Perhaps when in an inappropriate position, like in a crowd, you decide to hold a sneeze. The way by pressing the nose several times. In this situation, it is a dilemma. But it’s good you keep sneezing by covering the area of the nose with a hand or a handkerchief. Holding a sneeze can pose a health risk for you.

Possible damage to the eardrum.
This can happen when sneezing while holding the nose by pressing it. Perhaps an attempt to cancel a sneeze fails, so it still sneezes even though the nose is pushed. The risk is that it can damage the eardrum and cause problems in the blood vessels in the eye. Sneezing creases strong pressure. If the nose is closed, then the pressure can move to other places such as head or sinus.

The body can restore the effects of sneezing.
Damage to other areas of the body due to sneeze can cure naturally. However, it is not recommended to resist the desire to sneeze.

Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing.
Especially when sick, it is advisable to close the mouth and nose in order to avoid transmission to others around. The flu and cough are very easy to spread through sneezing. Mucus can get out of the nose up to a distance of 9 meters when sneezing.


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