Don’t Forbid Children to Play with the Soil, Scientists Say It’s Useful

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children play with soil

Mothers who often forbid their children to play with the soil, should start at this time let it be done occasionally. Although it seems dirty and can invite disease, according to scientists play with the soil will give its own benefits for children.

The more protective the parents are in preventing children from playing with the soil, the more likely they are to have allergies. This was revealed by a study conducted by microbial ecosystems scientists from the University of Chicago.

When children play with the soil, then the immune system is actually developing. If you prevent them from touching the soil at all, the child’s immune system will be problematic.

In the book Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs for Your Child’s Developing Immune System written by Jack Gilbert, author of the study results, children may experience allergies, asthma, and eczema if they are unusual to touch the soil.

The body will instead be hypersensitive to a powder-shaped object such as soil. A cell called neutrophils in the body is responsible for protecting. If since childhood neutrophils are not familiarized with powdered objects, it will overreact.

“When neutrophils finally see something unfamiliar, like pollen, they become explosive. They become reactive, and that’s what triggers asthma and eczema, even food allergies,” said Jack Gilbert.

This is like an explanation of the surrounding bacteria that sometimes even works to strengthen the immune system. For example when the pacifier fell and not washed but immediately put again to the mouth. Or play with animals that are safe for children such as cats or chickens, and the like.

Occasionally children should be allowed to play dirty to strengthen their own immune system. After that, clean the hands again with soap before eating or drinking.


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