Sugary Foods and Flours Trigger the Emergence of Tartar

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sugary foods flours tartar

Types of food that turns to trigger the accumulation of tartar in the mouth is a high sugar and starchy foods. Both types of food are easy to become plaque on the sidelines of the tooth if not immediately brushed and cleaned.

The thickened tartar will invite problems, such as bad breath and also harmful bacteria. Because it is recommended to check and clean tartar regularly every six months to the dentist.

As a precaution so that the tartar does not grow and accumulate, it is advisable to immediately clean the teeth after eating foods high in sugar or starchy.

Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables are also good to keep the mouth and tooth hygiene. In addition, you are also advised to reduce foods high in sugar. Prevention is certainly better than cure, is not it?

Gargling with cleaning fluid after brushing teeth can also be done as a deterrent to the emergence of tartar and plaque. Teeth and the sidelines can you clean it using dental floss.

Usually, toothpaste with tartar and fluoride content is very well used to prevent the occurrence of plaque between the teeth or tartar. Eating strawberries also provide the same benefits, prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and help care for dental health from the emergence of tartar that interferes with oral health.

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