Benefits of Sweet Potato Leaves That Have Not Been Widely Known

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benefits sweet potato leaves

Sweet potato leaves have not been widely used as food ingredients, compared to other types of vegetables. Though there are many health benefits stored in this dark green leaf.

Some of the beneficial nutrients contained by sweet potato leaves provide great benefits for the human body, among others mention that vitamin B6 is three times more than the fruit.

Reported by HortScience Journal page, there is also vitamin C in sweet potato leaves that are five times compared to the fruit. And riboflavin recorded 10 times the number of the fruit itself.

On the other hand there are carbohydrates, proteins and calcium, also iron which each has a positive use for health.

Even on sweet potato leaves also stored beta carotene that is good for eye health, also lutein with the same benefits.

In some health groups, there are a number of testimonials about the benefits of sweet potato leaves to increase platelet counts for people with dengue fever.

Although officially no research has proven it from the scientific side but seeing from the testimony of many users, there is no harm in trying.

According to herbal consultants and practitioners, Dr. Prapti Utami, the new testimony shows empirical benefit or benefit test.

“I have not explored the journal, but based on a group on Facebook that consists of 12 thousand people, many of the stories managed to raise the platelets,” she said as quoted by page

How to use sweet potato leaves to raise platelets is to boil using water, five minutes only. After that, the water that has been boiled consumed by the patient until the number of platelet count increases.

“After getting medical treatment may be given sweet potato leaves,” she added.


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