Benefits of Avocado Leaf Tea for Kidney Health

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benefits avocado leaf tea kidney

For those of you who have problems with kidney health such as kidney stones that are very disturbing, avocado leaves can help to nourish this organ again.

Not difficult to process natural ingredients such as avocado leaves into herbal medicine. Take 4 avocado leaves that have been aerated to dry, then boiled with a glass of water. Cook for 20 minutes and turn off the heat. The rest of the water can be mixed with one cup of tea, drink three times a week.

You can add a tablespoon of honey to add taste, so it is not too bitter. Regular consumption will provide a positive benefit for your kidney health.

Not only help to shed kidney stones and maintain the health, but herbs of avocado leaf tea can help relieve headaches, reduce stress, prevent constipation, healthy digestion, urinary tract problems (UTI), and overcome a toothache.

Reported by Boldsky page, the most dominant substance in helping the body’s recovery process in the avocado leaf is its high antioxidant. This substance helps improve blood circulation and oxygen to all organs of the body.

There is also the ability to reduce production of the hormone cortisol (the stress hormone triggers), which is owned by antioxidants in avocado leaves. Another benefit is to stimulate the release of healthy digestive fluids and prevent gastritis disease.

Consumption of avocado leaf tea can kill bacteria and prevent infection, so the health of the body is more awake. May be useful.


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