Eyes Can Also Have a Stroke, This is the Symptom

eye stroke symptom

Stroke can not only occur in human organs called a brain, but some are experienced by the eye. This one is rarely known because the sufferer is not as much as a brain stroke.

Eye stroke in medical language is known as retinal artery occlusion. The condition occurs because of a blockage in the blood vessels of the eye area. Not only blockage, sometimes there is a narrowing in the veins of the retina.

The worst effect is the retina does not get blood flow and triggers permanent damage, up to blindness.

Reported by the Medical News Today page, in general, stroke eyes do not make sufferers experience pain. What happens is that they experience a decrease in the quality of vision.

Initial symptoms that are often felt by the patient is a loss of peripheral vision or experiencing symptoms of blind spots or floater.

Views become blurred, distorted, shaded, which is light but heavy from day to day or even hours.

The trigger is almost similar to what happens to a brain stroke, namely atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even previously had problems with heart disease and brain stroke.

Reported by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, elderly over 60 years have the highest risk of eye stroke, even more for men. To avoid it is advisable to have a healthy lifestyle and avoid foods with high levels of saturated fat.


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