The Largest Baby Born with a Weight of Nearly 6.5 Kg

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largest baby born

Unbelievably, the weight of newborns born in South Carolina, United States reaches 6.48 kg or 14.4lbs. This baby weight is equaling the weight of a normal baby who is five months or older. Even when weighed on the baby’s weighing scales, this baby barely fit on the scales because he is so big.

The baby was named Colin Austin Keisler by his parents namely Cindy and Arthur. They have actually been told by doctors that the baby’s weight will be very big, but the two claims not to expect it to be that big.

“When he was born all the nurses and doctors just stunned. They’re all trying to guess how big he is,” Arthur said.

Cindy’s big stomach has made many people wonder. Not even a few who thought that she was carrying twins. But their allegations proved wrong.

“Everyone thought we had twins. But we never thought he would be this big, I’m very surprised,” explained Arthur again.

The baby clothes they prepared were not enough to wear by Colin, because of his size. They had to buy baby clothes for a much older age to fit on his body.

Recorded in the last 30 years, Colin is the baby who was born with the largest size at Lexington Medical Center.

From the couple Arthur and Cindy, Colin is the third son. Before him, his siblings were born in a more normal condition.


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