5 Side Effects If Frequently Exposed to Air Conditioning

side effects air conditioning

Cool air in the air-conditioned room does not necessarily make you free from health problems. There are a number of risks that may lurk without permission. This health risk is more likely to be experienced by people who regularly get exposure to air conditioners either in the AC room, car, or other places that are air-conditioned there.

Quoted from the Merdeka page, here are some health issues that could arise from exposure to air conditioning =

  1. The skin becomes dry.
    The cause is the cold air from the air conditioning to make the water vapor in the room will be inhaled. As a result, the skin becomes inclined to dry. If the skin is too dry, it can look wrinkled.
  2. Headache.
    Sometimes people who are not strong with air conditioning will experience headaches and respiratory problems. People who have cold allergies may sneeze more frequently. Rarely cleaned air conditioning can also spread the seeds of disease.
  3. The disease is getting worse.
    The air-conditioned environment allows people with hypertensive diseases, arthritis, and other specific disease disorders to be even more severe. Consult your doctor if you have a specific disease when having to be in the air-conditioned room long enough.
  4. Tired easily.
    Cold air conditioning can trigger the body to shiver and trembling feet. Things like this make the body easily tired.
  5. Immunity declines.
    AC can make the immunity decrease. As a result, a person becomes sick easily. If you are often in an air-conditioned room, try drinking enough water to avoid dehydration. Also, try to have some time that is not spent in the air-conditioned room. For example, if in the office has been exposed to air conditioning, then at home should not use it.

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