Cheap and Easy Way to Test Pregnancy Using Toothpaste

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test pregnancy toothpaste

There are easy and cheap ways to check whether a woman is pregnant or not, other than using a test pack. Did you know that daily toothpaste can be used to find out if a woman’s urine contains hCG hormone, which marks the beginning of pregnancy?

Reported by the page, this is the way used by people in the UK. So including the traditional way to find out whether a woman is pregnant or not.

Please note that urine used preferably is urine in the morning, so the hCG hormone levels are high.

The way by mixing some of the urine into a container containing 3 tablespoons of white toothpaste. Stir with a small stirrer until foaming. The stirring motion is twisted, and the speed is moderate.

If there is no reaction, add a few drops of urine again. If the toothpaste becomes frothy, expands and appears small froth, then it’s a sign that you are pregnant.

Can also reactions are hissing and color change to bluish.

“It’s a fun way for anyone who thinks they’re pregnant,” said Chief Pharmacist Officer of Oxford Online Pharmacy in Britain Stuart Gale.

Indeed this way can tell whether a woman is pregnant or not. But of course, after knowing the result, you are expected to immediately come to the doctor to check for self-health and pregnancy.


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