Hormones That Cause People Often Feel Hungry

hormones cause hungry

Just two hours after eating a bowl of meatballs, already hungry and want to eat another plate of cakes. This is what causes weight to increase quickly without notice. If you also often experience it then there is something wrong with the workings of a hormone called leptin in your body.

Reported by the Boldsky page, leptin is a hormone that is responsible for regulating your appetite every day.

When you are eating, then this fat cell will send a signal in the form of release of fat into the bloodstream, which flows and reaches the brain. The brain will respond to this fat cell as ‘full’ and tell you to stop eating.

But if you eat too many foods with high sugar content, gluten, also fat, then over time the body will experience leptin resistance. That is, the full signal is no longer responded by the brain, and you will be hard to feel full.

In effect, the desire to eat will continue to be felt, and hunger is often experienced. If left, you can have obesity problems, type 2 diabetes, thyroid problems, or triglyceride levels rise dramatically.

To normalize the leptin hormone condition is only one way, start a healthy lifestyle. Do not comply with every desire to eat, or eat more fruits and vegetables whenever feels hungry.


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