4 Types of Foods That Cause Cavities

types of foods cause cavities

Teeth can be hollow for some reason, one of them is often consume some kind of food. Plus the habit of reluctant to brush your teeth, the more rapidly porous teeth and slowly began to fragile.

Here are some foods that many called by the dentist, the cause of cavities. Reported by Health page, Monday (31/7), here are some examples =

  1. Sunflower seeds.
    Why teeth can be hollow and damaged by sunflower seeds? Because the skin of sunflower seeds that are hard usually must be peeled by the teeth. If once or twice probably will not affect. But if one bag of sunflower seeds you have peeled all wearing teeth, that’s the culprit of damage.
  2. Ice cube.
    Chewing ice cubes can trigger damage, and cause cavities. Tooth enamel is strong, but if it collided with the ice, there is the possibility of damage to the enamel layer. The longer, the teeth can be hollow or broken.
  3. Flavored drinks.
    Drinks with added flavor ingredients generally contain citric acid. This is the substance that is the culprit of erosion in tooth enamel. If it is erosion and porous, the tooth enamel is easily damaged and perforated, or rot.
  4. Dried fruits.
    Dried fruit tastes delicious but can trigger cavities. This is because of the concentrated sugar content and the acid it contains. Moreover, a liquid substance in dried fruit has been evaporated and reduced a lot.
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