If Pregnant Women Exposed to High Fever, the Baby Could be at Risk for Autism

pregnant women high fever

When a woman is pregnant, she has to take good care of her health and avoid getting a high fever. If you get sick, then the drugs consumed should be consulted with a doctor first. Do not take any drugs that are sold freely in the shop.

The risk is the health of the fetus that is being conceived, it can experience unwanted diseases, even until they grow up.

A study from Columbia University revealed that if the mother had a high fever during pregnancy in the vulnerable period, i.e., the second trimester, then the fetus can have a risk of autism. Drugs that do not give bad effect to mother and fetus are acetaminophen, but further study is still done.

The results of the study, published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, found that autism has something to do with the infection experienced by a pregnant mother.

The infection causes the body to have a fever as a natural mechanism against the cause of infection. Scientists were examining what the effect of high body temperature during pregnancy, as well as the effect of taking fever reliever medicine.

From the 100,000 mothers and children studied in the study, 16 percent of women noted had experienced fever during pregnancy, at least once. Their children are detected to have autism spectrum disorders by age between 3-7 years.

The volunteers studied were from Norway, born between 1999-2009.

It is not only the fever factor that is suspected to be the cause, because there is a factor of smoking, also the age of the mother during pregnancy.

But scientists call the risk of pregnant women who have a fever is 34% give birth to infants with autism. The comparison is a mother who never had a fever during pregnancy.

The risk is greater if the fever occurs in the vulnerable age of pregnancy, i.e., the second trimester, up to 40%. Why, because it is a vase of fetal brain formation that is being rapidly.


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