An Alternative to Cure Cancer with Hypnotic Therapy

cure cancer with hypnotic therapy

Hypnotic therapy has now begun to be used to help patients with severe disease. Included also are patients with cancer, one type of deadly disease.

To note, hypnotics is a therapy technique that brings someone to a relaxed and comfortable and calm situation. In such situations, the patient can focus with their mind, and respond to the suggestion given by the therapist.

According to Dr. Chairunnisa, hypnotic therapy can help cancer patients with appropriate techniques.

“In other medicine, cancer can be overcome with proper hypnosis,” she said as quoted by

From the results of a study of 121 patients with an age range between 17-45 years, as many as 44 people experienced a happy condition of healing.

The rest, 20 people underwent treatment and experienced healing with regular time while others healed slowly.

Dr. Chairunnisa, who recently completed a dissertation in a doctorate with the topic of hypnotic therapy, claimed that hypnotics proved to help relieve pain, anxiety, and help in the cure of cancer.

With proper communication techniques, hypnotics make cancer patients improve with the advent of growth hormone. It is an intermediate hormone, which triggers the body to recover from cancer.

“This hormone is the intermediary. By spurring the production of this hormone with large quantities, can trigger a cure for cancer,” she added.

Not only physical diseases and problems in the body, but psychological illness can also be helped by this hypnotic therapy. The point is to find the right therapist for the healing to run optimally.


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