Bad Effects of Radiation If Home is Close to Cellular Tower

bad effects of radiation

Later a lot of towers mobile phone operators are standing in various locations including residential residents. According to a recent study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, the radiation emitted by this object proved bad for health.

The study used experimental mice, which after testing with exposure to magnetic wave radiation experienced a declining health condition. Reported by page, in addition to some mice also experienced unusual changes in body muscle. Also the formation of unbridled fat in their bodies.

The most terrifying thing is the possibility of changes in body muscle to fat and decomposed due to long received exposure from transmitting radiation.

Though normally the body muscles will continue to grow and expand if the health is maintained, will also strengthen with regular exercise. In contrast to those exposed to radiation from magnetic waves, the muscle will instead be a thing that interferes with health.

“As we get older, the muscles will weaken, and the fat builds up. Another problem is the decreased ability to think, easily forget or Alzheimer’s. Findings from the study, this condition will get worse when someone exposed to radiation transmitter cellular signal,” said Jeremy Reiter, from the University of California.

Not only from the tower, but it turns out from the phone itself also radiated signals that endanger health, said other scientists who participated in the study, Daniel Kopinke.

“Radiation is believed to increase the risk of mild to deadly diseases such as cancer, heart, and obesity.”


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