Cow Farts 25 Times More Harmful Than Carbon Dioxide

cow farts more harmful

Did you know that the farts and the burps of cow save the danger to humans and the environment? Although the meat and milk are delicious and become part of the nutritious food for the body, but on the other hand it turns out these calm animal keep the negative side as well.

The gases that emit through burps and farts contain methane, which is a hazardous material for the environment. Scientists even mention that methane gas is more dangerous 25 times than carbon dioxide or CO2.

Reported by The Washington Post page, the fact has been reported by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), one of the non-profit organizations of the United Nations (UN).

If carbon dioxide alone can be harmful if in excessive amounts, then methane gas is much more dangerous again.

The number of cow industry in the world has contributed 44 percent methane gas that proved to pollute the air and threaten the lives of other creatures.

Other facts, the gas last longer in the atmosphere and cause heat effects, and called a contributor to one fifth of global warming that occurs in the world today. The resulting heat effect is much greater than carbon dioxide.

The country with the most cow industry and the largest methane gas donation is developing countries, including India and Brazil.

In some countries, methane gas from cow dung is used as a source of biogas that is used for cooking. Even in Germany, there has been a massive explosion in 2014 due to the friction of static electricity and methane gas in cow farms.


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