Dangers Behind the Habit of Plucking the Nose Hair

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plucking the nose hair

When the nose hair is too long until appearing from the nostrils, then many people will choose to pull it out. But the solution turned out to bring harm to health, you know.

Dr. Erich Voigt, an otolaryngologist from New York University, reveals the negative effects of the habit of plucking the nose hair. According to him, the germs from the outside and particles of dust can enter the follicle and cause infection.

The nose hair is different from the hairs on other body parts because it consists of vibrissae and microscopic cilia. The function of these hairs is to filter out the mucus and harmful impurities so as not to enter the respiratory system.

The nose hair is there to make sure the lungs do not get infected with various harmful objects from outside the body. Reported by Business Insider page, Sunday (18/6), if until much nose hair is removed then there is no filter that prevents germs and dust particles into the breathing.

Another reason, the inner area around the mouth and nose and ears is a vulnerable area because it is close to the brain and even connected directly. Reverse blood vessels or veins in this area are also connected, so it can easily deliver germs or bacteria.

Although the percentage that can happen for the worst case of infection is small, but of course there is no harm in preventing rather than cure. Do not get used to plucking the nose hair, if it is disturbing because it is too long, then you can cut a little tip of the nose hair.


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