Rather Than Taking Fish Oil Supplements Better to Eat Real Fish

eat real fish

Today many supplements are sold with practical packaging so that consumers sometimes choose the consumption of these supplements than eating the original food. Plus the ads make it look like natural foods are so much trouble to eat and no more useful than they sell.

For example fish oil supplements, which is actually much better if you eat the original fish with a variety of nutrients and other minerals that are not found in supplements.

Not only that, here are some examples of misguided understanding of supplements that change the consumer mindset, as reported by the Cosmopolitan page =

Consumption of a multivitamin does not mean your immune system can be strong, or avoid chronic illness, and fulfilled all your needs.

“As long as you can eat foods with balanced nutrition and no malnutrition, these supplements are not necessary,” said Kimberly Robien, Ph.D., a professor at George Washington University.

Zinc supplement.
Instead of consuming these supplements, you better snack on nuts, seeds, and seafood that have the effect of avoiding you from viral diseases such as colds.

This will actually trigger a bad taste in the stomach, even trigger liver damage if consumed in excess.

Omega 3 fish oil.
Too many of these substances can thin the blood. It is better and safer to consume the original fish, which will not lead to excessive doses of omega 3 fatty acids.

Supplements should be consumed wisely, not excessively and more importantly if you eat natural foods.


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