It is Advisable for Men Not to Urinate While Standing

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men urinate while standing

The presumption that men if going to urinate then should be in a standing position, this time should start abandoned. A study in the Netherlands proves that these assumptions and habits are actually harmful to the men themselves.

Scientists from Leiden University Medical Center The Netherlands mentioned that men who urinate in a sitting position could reduce and prevent symptoms of Lower Urinary Tract disease symptoms.

Quoted from page Telegraph, Saturday (17/06/2017) also mentioned that the habit of urinating while sitting for men could reduce the risk of prostate disease. “Urinating while sitting can even prevent prostate problems,” the authors wrote.

The results of a study that has been done some time ago are getting positive responses from several countries such as Sweden, Taiwan, and Japan. The country’s health department has advised men to urinate in a sitting position.

Even the Taiwan Health Service officially prohibits men to urinate with a standing position as it has been a common practice.

Recognition related to the habit of sitting while urinating is also done by director Phil Robinson. He admits always urinate like a woman. Similarly, actor Ryan Gosling revealed by his manager, that his habit of urination is in a sitting position.

In Islam, it has always been recommended for men to urinate in a sitting position, the purpose is that urine does not spread and splashed everywhere.


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