Drinking Cucumber Juice Can Lower the Risk of Heart Disease

cucumber juice heart disease

Cucumber juice is not only fresh and tasty, but it has enough health benefits. One of them is lowering the risk of heart disease. Judging from the cheap price, of course, you choose to consume this drink rather than cure a serious illness, is not it?

What are the benefits of cucumber juice drink, check the following as reported by Lifeshack page =

  1. Prevent heart disease.
    The risk of heart disease can be prevented by regular consumption of cucumber juice, especially for those of you who have a history of hypertension or high blood disease. This drink is known to lower blood pressure quickly.
  2. Strong bones.
    Another benefit is able to strengthen bones because it contains vitamin K. The function of the vitamin is to form solid and strong bones, also form a bone matrix. But keep in mind for people with low blood so as not to consume too much.
  3. Hydrates the body.
    This drink is a delicious way to hydrate the body, especially in the dry season. The content of vitamins and nutrients, as well as liquid in cucumbers, is good for the body. A minimum of 6-8 glasses per day is a recommendation to consume water, and you can add 1 cup water of cucumber juice.
  4. Beautiful skin.
    Want to have pretty skin without expensive? This drink is the easy way. There are vitamin B5 that is useful for skin beauty if you consume. For the mask, cucumber is also very good. It helps reduce irritation, acne, and prevent dry skin and wrinkles. May be useful.

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