Dangers of Lacking Oxygen for Human Life

dangers of lacking oxygen

Humans and other living things on Earth desperately need oxygen. If it does not get enough oxygen supply, then the risk is death. The case has occurred many times, when humans are confined in a narrow space such as cars, elevators or rooms without ventilation, then lives can be lost due to less O2.

When humans breathe and inhale oxygen from the outside, naturally the lungs will throw back the dirty air from inside the body in the form of CO2 or carbon dioxide.

The oxygen inhaled by the lungs will be distributed throughout the organs and cells of the body, to keep it alive and to function well. All the organs, including the brain, can collapse if they do not have oxygen within minutes.

Here are some what will happen if the body is deprived of oxygen =

  1. Shortness of breath, dizziness.
    If the body is deprived of oxygen supply, then the respiratory system will be affected first. You will feel shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, dizziness. Medical call this condition is hypoxemia. The pulse increases, breathing heavier because the body seeks the adequacy of oxygen.
  2. Blood circulation is disrupted.
    In the next stage, the pulse weakens. Blood pressure is also decreased, causing blood circulation is disrupted. The skin usually has turned bluish, decreased consciousness and sometimes entered the coma stage.
  3. Brain damage.
    The less oxygenated brain will suffer gradual damage. The time it takes for the brain to have to get oxygen again just five minutes. More than that, the brain cells have begun to break down, which triggers the occurrence of cerebral hypoxia or severe brain damage.

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