If the Tongue Tastes Bitter When Sick, This is the Cause

tongue tastes bitter

When sick, usually the tongue will taste bitter to swallow food, so you will lose your appetite. Why is that so?

In one study, the cause of the tongue becomes bitter when sick mentioned is because the taste senses become more sensitive and sensitive to bitterness.

The research results have been published in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity also said that while experiencing inflammation or infection there is a certain type of protein (TNF-α) in the body that the number increases.

Protein is needed to help improve the body’s immune system and fight the causes of diseases such as viruses or certain bacteria.

Because of the high levels of the TNF-α protein, the taste buds become impaired and more sensitive to bitter taste. That’s why when sick, generally diseases triggered by the influenza virus, streptococcal bacterial infection, or malaria and another disease then you will lose your appetite because the tongue becomes bitter.

To overcome this, then the following tips for the tongue to recover =

  1. Eat small portions.
    Consumption of nutritious food with small portions only, but often. For example, every 2-3 hours eat fruit, porridge, or vegetable. It makes it easier for you to swallow and absorb food.
  2. Add seasoning.
    Food flavoring here means that is able to cause appetite. For example drinking ginger tea, spicy pepper in vegetables, or other spices on the food.
  3. Orange.
    You can drink orange juice, or you just eat it as a dessert. Sweet sour taste can trigger saliva to produce more and remove bitter taste on the tongue. May be useful.

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