Breakfast with Chocolate Improves Brain Sharpness

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breakfast with chocolate

If you get bored breakfast with rice or bread, maybe you can try the food with the basic ingredients of chocolate. This food is said to be the king’s menu because it has a very delicious flavor. The fans are from children to adults. And, breakfast using chocolate is also rich in benefits for the body.

Quoted from the Okezone page, having breakfast with chocolate can give you two positive effects for you =

The increased brain acuity.

The content in chocolate can accelerate the supply of fresh blood to the brain and vice versa. This becomes one of the key sharpness of the ability of the brain because of its optimal neural activity. There are natural antioxidant compounds called flavanols that come in the bloodstream when eating chocolate. Well, the chemistry of flavanol compound called oxide nitrite work to relax the blood vessels, and the flow becomes smooth. The effect of nitric oxide also makes the blood pressure tend to be normal, and a person is protected from hypertension.

Lose weight.

Eating chocolate in the morning can suppress appetite and other bad eating habits throughout the day. A study found that those who ate chocolate-based foods at breakfast longer feel full. Calorie burning takes place gradually so as not to easily weaken due to lack of energy supply. That way, weight remains controlled, and health is not sacrificed as well as people who do a strict diet for weight loss.


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