When the Body is Obese, This Terrible Condition is Happening

body obese terrible condition

Did you know that when the body is obese or overweight, then there are some terrible conditions that are happening in the body? The excess fat deposits found beneath the skin is not healthy if it is beyond normal limits.

Here are some things that are damaging to health and are happening in the body, if you are obese =

  1. Blood circulation is inhibited.
    Fat deposits in the body, there are also some that take place in the blood vessels. The condition is dangerous because it inhibits blood circulation to brain organs. If this condition continues, then the risk of stroke will be large and can occur anytime when blood vessels rupture.
  2. Plaque in the arteries.
    Obesity triggers a lot of rising cholesterol levels in the blood until there is a plaque in the arteries. The risk of heart disease will be even greater if it has happened, and certainly, cannot be underestimated.
  3. Fat accumulation in the liver.
    The accumulation of fat in various organs including the liver is a fatal condition. If the fat has covered the liver, then the risk of heart failure is very large. Usually, the advanced condition is cirrhosis of the liver.
  4. Joint pain.
    Excess fat is not only burdensome but also cause joint pain. You will feel tired easily when walking because of the heavy burden. In addition, the spine will bear more weight, so prone to pain.
  5. Insulin resistance.
    Fat in the stomach triggers the occurrence of insulin resistance, which eventually leads to diabetes.
  6. Colon cancer.
    The study says that obesity can lead to cancer in the colon.

With so many terrible conditions, let’s avoid obesity with a healthy lifestyle.


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