Don’t Choose Soap Containing This Substance, Can Cause Cancer

soap substance cause cancer

Soap that is containing triclosan substances and often called anti-bacterial soap has been restricted and even prohibited circulation in America. Triclosan is a harsh chemical that causes the skin to become dry, sensitive, trigger hormonal disorders, interfere with muscle function even in a study called can trigger cancer.

Research by scientists from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine is using animals as an experiment to test the anti-bacterial products.

The results of a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences revealed that laboratory mice used in the study experienced liver fibrosis and cancer due to triclosan substances.

Reported by the Science Daily page, the molecular mechanisms applied by scientists in mice that are relevant enough and can be aligned for human use.

This means that humans can experience the same risks as experienced by mice when using triclosan substances in everyday life.

“As it happens to mice, this risk is real to humans, especially when combined with other compounds that have similar action,” said a professor in the Department of Pharmacology Chemical and Biochemistry, Robert H. Tukey, Ph.D.

The experimental time until the mouse was at risk of cancer and liver fibrosis was six months. That can be synonymous with 18 years of usage for humans.

Another study says triclosan substances can be stored in body fat or are chlorophenol. That is the trigger for the emergence of cancer, especially types of liver cancer also skin cancer.


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