5 Recommended Foods to Prevent Cervical Cancer

foods to prevent cervical cancer

Several types of food are believed to help strengthen the condition of the body so as not to contract HPV virus causes cervical cancer. The main prevention is to apply a healthy lifestyle such as not having sex with multiple partners, so the HPV virus is not to infect.

But there’s nothing wrong you help the body to have a strong immune system and not easily sick. Reported by lifehack.com page, the following foods are recommended to prevent contracting cervical cancer =

  1. Green tea.
    Drinking green tea regularly means giving the body the antioxidant substances the type of polyphenols that needed to prevent the development of cancer cells.
  2. Lettuce.
    The content of flavonoids in lettuce and other green vegetables are very helpful to provide nutrients for the body so as not to easily develop cancer cells. Natural nutrition and its enzymes are undeniably very good for health.
  3. Nuts.
    Nuts contain many phytochemicals that are proven to slow the growth of cancer cells, as well as tumors. Consumption in the form of stew, so it is safer and does not contain cholesterol.
  4. Whole grains.
    Processed foods from whole grains such as bread, is very good for health. There are fiber and vitamin B6 which keep the metabolism, nervous system, and immune system.
  5. Carrot.
    These foods are rich in beta-carotene and carotenoids that prevent the absorption of carcinogens in the body. Carcinogens are cancer-triggering substances which can be obtained from food and pollution as well as other sources.

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