4 Common Bad Habits That Cause Cavities

bad habits cause cavities

Ever had a toothache from a hole that has reached the root and full of bacteria? It must be very painful, is not it? Anyone can experience cavities, be it children or adults if often do some bad habits that are rarely realized such as below.

Reported by Klikdokter.com page, here are some of these bad habits =

  1. Snacking sweet foods.
    Snacking on sweet and sugar-rich foods is the most common cause of cavities. Sugar makes the pH balance in the mouth decrease, because of the bacteria and the production of acid in the mouth is higher.
  2. Drinking soda.
    Drinking soda containing artificial sweeteners also triggers pH in the mouth, so it turns lower. If you want to stay safe in drinking soda, then you can use a straw or gargle with water to remove sugar content in the mouth.
  3. Forget to brush your teeth.
    Brushing your teeth before bed is often forgotten so that the rest of the food sticks and invites bacteria. Bacteria produce acid, triggers teeth so fragile and easily perforated. Saliva that should be able to maintain the strength of teeth, the production is reduced if you do not brush your teeth.
  4. Chewing ice.
    Chewing ice is also a bad habit for teeth. It can cause teeth to become brittle, and easily perforated. Should avoid this because it will only hurt yourself.

Although fun, but the above habits can trigger cavities and sore. Certainly not a beautiful thing if you experience a toothache.


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