5 Dangers If Not Change Underwear Every Day

change underwear every day

Some people are reluctant to change their underwear every day. In fact, the underwear should be replaced immediately after you wear it at least 2 times a day. Although worn inside but underwear is also easily dirty.

Clean underwear can help maintain the health of sex organs from various diseases. In addition, the recommended material for comfortable underwear is cotton. Cotton easily absorbs sweat, it also does not absorb heat.

So what are the dangers if underwear is not replaced regularly at least 2 times a day? Here are the risks as reported by the Boldsky page =

  1. Itchy.
    Dirty is certain, so trigger the emergence of itching disease in the intimate area. Sweat and dirt from the skin that is attached over 24 hours in the underwear will invite the coming of itchy bacteria.
  2. Rash.
    Red rash due to scratching because of the itch that you feel is also a risk if underwear is not often replaced. The skin can be naturally irritating, even bruised and rash due to too hard scratching.
  3. Smell.
    The unpleasant odor of Miss V caused by bacteria and germs that live in dirty pants is definitely disturbing. This has not been added in case of problems such as leucorrhoea. Wow, very uncomfortable for sure.
  4. Genital lice.
    The genital lice can live in areas of the skin and dirty pubic hair. This is definitely not a trivial matter because to cure the problem you need to contact a doctor. Severe itching you can experience if the lice is alive in the body.
  5. Fungal infections.
    One of the organisms that like to dirty places is the fungus. The fungus also like the moist place, so if you rarely change the underwear, you will be at risk of fungal infection in the sex organs.

The horrific result of the habit of lazy to change underwear, is not it? So let’s live cleanly with the routine of changing the underwear we wear.


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