5 Things That Can Lead to the Emergence of Blindness

emergence of blindness

According to health experts, women are more at risk of blindness. It has to do with the dominant hormones in their bodies namely the estrogen hormones. In addition, several other factors that increase the likelihood of blindness are already known.

From a study conducted by the University of Illinois in Chicago, presented by an eye doctor at NYU Langone, Assumpta Madu, MD, one cause of blindness in women is the use of contact lenses that do not fit health advice.

In addition, here are other conditions that can cause blindness as reported by page womenshealthmag.com, Tuesday (6/6) =

  1. Early menopause.
    The condition of early menopause is not experienced by all women, but only a few people. The condition of hormone changes experienced by women triggers some discomfort, such as body heat, drastic mood changes, and vision problems. One of them is glaucoma, optic nerve damage of the eyes and trigger blindness. “Early menopause increases the risk of developing glaucoma two and a half times larger,” said Assumpta Madu.
  2. Cigarettes.
    Smokers are susceptible to macular degeneration that triggers blindness up to two times greater than nonsmokers. Not only that, but smokers are also prone to experience cataracts.
  3. Medicines.
    Taking several types of medicines in the short or long term can lead to blindness for some people who are sensitive to certain substances.
  4. Looking at the sun.
    Gazing at the scorching sun can also trigger blindness because it can damage the lens of the eye.
  5. Use of contact lenses.
    The use of contact lenses that are not hygienic and in a long time very susceptible to eye problems, especially if used for sleeping. Already some cases have occurred so need to be wary.

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