4 Causes of Weight Gain During the Fasting Month

weight gain during fasting

Generally, people who are fasting will experience weight loss because the portion of food is reduced. If it is usually 3 times a day, it becomes only 2 times a day when iftar and suhoor. But there are people who even experience weight gain exactly in the month of fasting. How could that happen?

At the time of the fasting month, there is a change of lifestyle of the Muslims that includes diet, physical activity, and sleep patterns. As a result, there is also a physiological change in the body.

Launched by the Okezone page, weight gain during fasting is generally due to the following =

  1. Eat too much when breaking the fast.
    Hunger conditions that culminate after a day of fasting trigger people to overeat when breaking the fast. Almost all high-calorie dishes will be eaten once the Maghrib drum is heard. Starting from a sweet dish, savory, fried, and all that appetizing. As a result, the calories accumulate at one time and become additional fat under the skin.
  2. The amount of food increases.
    Breaking the fast is preceded by a sweet and high-calorie appetizer. Then thereafter heavy meals plus side dishes are also high-calorie. Another night snack then sleeps and wake up to eat suhoor with a portion that is also not small. This means the amount of food intake increases more than when not fasting, whereas activity tends to decline.
  3. Sleep more.
    Physical activity is usually less during fasting, by reason of saving energy. Especially if the weather blazing during the day. Most people choose to sleep or just lie down while waiting for breaking. Many calories and lack of motion are the keys to a fattening body.
  4. Lack of sleep.
    Changes in sleep patterns because they have to get up to eat suhoor and worship at night, according to some studies can trigger weight gain. If sleep is lacking, the leptin hormone increases. It’s the hormone that regulates your body’s metabolism and appetite control and makes it hard for you to feel full.

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