Cheap Sunglasses Turned Out to Make Eye Sore

cheap sunglasses eye sore

Sunglasses with cheap prices are chosen by many consumers because it is supposed to be the same function with expensive sunglasses that dispels sunlight to keep the eyes from glare. Admitted or not, the price does determine the quality. Cheap glasses sometimes even make sore eyes.

The function of sunglasses, among others, is to protect the eyes from UVB rays emitted by the sun. It was said by Chris Worsman, a senior eye specialist at Viewpoint Opticians, York, UK to Dailymail.

Direct UVB rays on the eyes can damage the lens of the eye. That part of the eye is made of many proteins, so it becomes clear and works well in focusing light.

If UVB light directly on the lens of the eye, it will break the protein, until the lens becomes cloudy. The longer if left unchecked will interfere with the visual sights that are often called cataracts.

In addition, if UVB light continues to expose the eye, the risk of skin cancer in the eyelid is also increasing. The condition is called basal cell carcinoma, which will grow and cause pain.

What to do with cheap glasses? Generally, quality glasses will be made by experts and detailed calculations on UVB protection. Thus, the eye will not receive more than 5 percent of exposure to such harmful rays.

“What you need to look at in your sunglasses is the UV 400 mark, which means that the glasses do not receive UV lights below 400 nanometers,” Chris added.

While on cheap sunglasses, there is no special lens that holds UVB rays. The lens used is a regular lens but black colored. That’s clearly different from quality sunglasses.


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