Beware Risk of Giving Birth Over the Age of 45 Years

giving birth over 45 years

Recently singer Janet Jackson gave birth to her first son at the age of 50 years. Her health condition was good enough to do that, and the baby was reportedly in good health. However, there is still a risk that can occur in women in old age who still want to add children.

Quoted from the CNN website, Doctor Fleischman from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists describes some of the risks women may experience if pregnant and giving birth at age 45 and above.

The greatest risk is a miscarriage, and the percentage will increase as the pregnant woman gets older. This is triggered by a decrease in uterine stamina due to age. But of course, no one can be sure of that because the condition of each woman is different.

The risk of genetic abnormalities may also increase, as the quality of the egg decreases with age.

“All eggs are stored in the ovary, and there is a potential for change over time,” he explained.

In addition to the above, women who are pregnant in old age are also at risk of developing diabetes, as well as the fetus. Why is that?

Because the old body will have difficulty controlling the production of insulin in the body. If the product is excessive, then the pancreas will work too hard. Diabetes occurs in addition to food consumption, also due to excessive hormones when pregnant.


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