The Risks of Disease Transmission at the Gym

disease transmission at gym

Gym or fitness center is usually used to form the body to be more muscular, healthy, and fit. Various sports equipment available in the gym can be used by anyone, as long as they want and able. But beyond that, there are also health risks that you need to be aware if you want to take advantage of the gym.

Can occur transmission of diseases that come from viruses or bacteria and germs in the gym, you know. Here is the proof, as reported by the Boldsky page to readers =

  • Fungal diseases.
    Skin fungus can be easily transmitted in the gym, because the skin condition is sweaty and moist, attached to various gym equipment. Skin diseases such as itching can infect you because of the fungus, you know. So try to bathe cleanly before and after exercising in the gym.
  • Flu virus.
    There could be users who are exposed to the flu, then accidentally holding a gym with a hand that has just been used to wipe the nose. Well, this is the path of flu virus transmission that often happens. The air that contains the flu virus can be the reason you are infected.
  • Hepatitis A virus and E Coli bacteria.
    Sporting equipment at the gym is often not cleaned properly, making it easier for various viruses and infectious bacteria. Among others are hepatitis A and E Coli, which can be transmitted through the shared bathroom as well.

So, if possible you can bring wet wipes containing antiseptics to clean the gym before use. May be useful.


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