5 Health Risks That May Be Experienced by Obese Women

health risks obese women

Having more weight than normal aka fat, for some people is a symbol of prosperity. Whereas excessive fat can be the trigger of some disease or health problems.

For women, fat can make you difficult to get offspring and have a risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, there are at least five other health disorders that can occur in your body. Here are among others as reported by The Health Site page =

  1. Infertility.
    Increased risk of infertility occurs in women who are obese. The accumulation of fat in the abdomen and around the uterus causes the process of ovulation to be affected. It gets worse if your menstrual cycle is irregular.
  2. The risk of miscarriage.
    If there is a pregnancy, there are other risks that must be faced, i.e., miscarriage. Research by scientists called the risk of fetal death even up to 3 times greater than people who are not obese.
  3. PCOS.
    This is a disorder of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Fat women often produce excess insulin, which affects irregular ovulation. The result is PCOS that causes infertility as well.
  4. Difficult to do baby tube.
    The chances of obese women who follow the IVF program to succeed will be smaller than normal weight women.
  5. Cardiovascular disease.
    Type of disease that many experienced such as heart problems, hypertension, stroke, kidney failure and others. This is due to excessive levels of bad cholesterol, as well as fat that accumulates in the body.

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