Dangers of Reading Books on Gadgets for Eye Health

reading books on gadgets

Gadgets provide a lot of convenience for our lives, especially in terms of practicality. Even with the sophisticated device, we can now read a thick book without needing to hold on to the original heavy book.

But the habit of reading on the gadget also has a negative effect on eye health, you know. No wonder if the current users who use glasses increasingly due to these habits.

Staring at the gadget with a static position will cause the eyes become tired, sore, and red. It gets worse when you spend hours in the same condition and eye position.

It triggers myopia or even cataracts. Minimal eyes can be a minus, and you have to wear glasses to help vision.

So is it okay to read books through gadget media? Of course, you can. Optometrists suggest some tips to minimize the negative effects of using these devices by frequently blinking while staring at the screen.

In addition, you can lower the light level or screen brightness, and provide safeguard installed on the screen.

Eat foods that contain lots of vitamin A, to keep your eyes healthy. The vitamin is already known to provide more benefits for the health of the sense of vision.

Also, limit the reading time to the device and switch to the physical book because the sensation of reading a real book will be very different than reading through a device. May be useful.


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