5 Benefits of Bitter Melon Juice That Has Not Been Widely Known

benefits of bitter melon juice

Hearing the name of bitter melon, which is in our minds must be a bit bitter. But make no mistake, behind it’s taste, there are many benefits and properties contained in it, you know. To anticipate the rather bitter taste, sometimes people who implement a healthy diet process it into juice.

Wow, do not shake your head when offered a bitter melon juice. If given a mixture of several other natural ingredients, it will be not too bitter, you know. It even tastes delicious and makes the body fresh because of its many benefits.

You can add sweet bengkoang with bitter melon to juice. Or add bits, so the sensation is more fresh and sweet. Here are the benefits of bitter melon juice for health, as reported by Boldsky =

  1. Diabetic drugs.
    Diabetes can be prevented by the consumption of bitter melon juice because it contains a special enzyme to lower blood sugar.
  2. Detox poison.
    Cleansing toxins from the body are also one of the benefits of this drink. If the body has started often experience health problems, then immediately drink bitter melon juice on a regular basis.
  3. Clean the lungs.
    This is an excellent benefit for smokers or you who are often in a polluted environment. This fresh juice helps clear the lungs from the toxin and nicotine that have come in and settled there.
  4. Asthma.
    Another efficacy is to strengthen the lungs and respiratory organs, so that not often relapse due to allergens that enter.
  5. Healthy digestion.
    A problematic digestive system can be overcome with bitter melon juice because it contains fiber, enzymes, vitamins and various things that are needed digestion. In addition, it can also cleanse the intestines from bacteria and worms.

Of course, there are still many bitter melon properties that have not been written here, so you no longer hesitate to consume.


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