Saliva Can Accelerate Wound Healing, Myth or Fact?

saliva accelerate wound healing

There are old habits that even until now is still done that when there is a wound on the skin, then the parent will spit then put a little to the surface of the wound. Some people think it is a disgusting thing, but some believe it can help speed healing.

Not only humans, animals such as cats and dogs also have a habit of licking wounds on their bodies. In the wild and without the drug, it turns out the wounds of the animals can heal.

Then does saliva really have the ability to heal wounds? Or just a myth that just happened to happen?

A study whose results have been published in The Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) justify it. The study conducted by Dutch scientists revealed the existence of a substance called histatin which became the key to the ability of saliva to heal wounds.

According to the study, histatin in the saliva will kill bacteria in the wound. It also helps speed up healed wounds.

“This study not only answers the question of why animals lick their wounds,” said Gerald Weissmann Chief Editor of the science journal FASEB.

According to him, histatin also be the reason why the wound in the mouth heals faster than the wound on the skin or bone.

The results of the study helped scientists to create chronic wound drugs such as those that occur in diabetics or severe burns.


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