The Cause of Women More Easily Cold Than Men

women more easily cold

Women are more likely to feel cold and shiver when the temperature is low, compared with men. No wonder if they want to leave the house in cold weather, the clothes they wear are thicker and layered to ward off the cold.

What caused it? Here are the reasons why women are easy to feel cold as reported by the Glamor page =

  1. Body temperature tends to be higher.
    Women have body temperatures that tend to be higher than men, according to a study from the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Consequently, if the room’s temperatures dropped a little, she first felt it.
  2. Because of birth control pills.
    Women who use birth control pills tend to have warmer body temperatures. This is the result of hormonal changes that she experienced. Thus, they are more sensitive to changes in room temperature.
  3. Feet and hands are more sensitive.
    A study whose results have been published in U.K. Medical Journal The Lancet, women’s feet and hands are more sensitive to cold temperatures.
  4. Metabolism is slow.
    Men have a faster metabolic system than women. This was revealed in the Journal of Applied Physiology. Thus, men burn faster energy to increase their body temperature when the situation is cold. In contrast to women whose metabolism is slower.

Some of the reasons above that cause a woman to feel cold and need more clothes to stabilize body temperature.


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