Is It True That When Sneezing Then the Heart Will Stop Beating for a Moment?


When someone is cold or flu, generally they will often sneeze. This condition is the body’s natural mechanism to secrete a lot of viruses inside the nose. No wonder in the teachings of Islam, it is desirable to give thanks to God after sneezing.

Then there is another kind of myth that says that while sneezing, a person’s heart will stop beating for a moment. Is that right?

From the side of science, it can be said: it is impossible. Besides, if our heart stops beating every time sneezing, then the risk must be very big. Imagine if someone repeatedly sneezes in an hour. How many times will their heart stop? So that’s just a myth, ok.

Quoted from the Live Science page, the human body will reflex sneeze if there is a tickle in the upper part of the nose. There is a nerve in the nose that sends a signal to the medulla (present in the brainstem), and then the medulla is responded quickly by ordering to close the eyes, chest and lung contractions, and pumping air out quickly.

This air jump from the lungs speeds 100 miles per hour to get rid of the source of tingling in the upper layer nose. No wonder at the time of sneezing the virus and germs also spilled out, with high speed.

Therefore, you are advised to cover your mouth and nose when sneezing, so that germs and viruses do not spread anywhere, especially to people who are near you.


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