Benefits of Playing Trampolines for Body and Heart Health

benefits of playing trampolines

A glance like just playing around to see people who are jumping on the trampoline. Though behind the excitement there are also benefits for health, you know. The fact is that when doing a variety of movement somersaults or jumping on trampolines, then there are very many body muscles that work.

Even the heart muscles, the most vital organs in the body of a human being, will be affected by the game. If playing trampoline is done regularly, then the heart muscle will be strong and healthy.

In addition, a healthy body can prevent the occurrence of various non-contagious diseases (PTM) you know. For example, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, joint pain and others.

Even now there are regular sports activities that use the trampoline as the main tool, namely Jumped Trampoline Fit Club. Its location in Serpong, Tangerang.

“We do not just play on the trampoline, but do the appropriate movement of direction, it becomes a safe and fun sports movement. Good choice to boost the declining physical activity that triggers PTM,” said Dr. Grace Tumbelaka, SpKO, one of the trainers of this activity as reported by

According to him, with 30 minutes per day practicing on the trampoline then the heart and muscle condition will be better because it used to work hard.

Moreover, the trampoline is a fun game and not impressed being used for sports, so adults and children tend to like and not easily bored.


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