Want to Gain Weight, Try Drinking These Smoothies

gain weight with smoothies

There are people who really want to gain weight, but not always accomplished. Although already eaten in many portions, the scales are like reluctant to move to the right. If you belong to this type of person, then try to drink some kind of delicious smoothies below.

Not only delicious, but this fresh drink recipe also consists of healthful ingredients. So do not worry you will get fat in an unhealthy way. Reported by Boldsky page, here are some ways to make the smoothies =

  1. Smoothies peanut butter and banana.
    Prepare a glass of milk, a banana and a few spoonfuls of peanut butter. Blender until blended well. If you want, can add ice cubes. It tastes great for those who want to be fat.
  2. Smoothies yogurt and avocado.
    One glass of yogurt, one spoon of coconut oil, and one avocado, blender until blended. Add ice if you like, and be ready to enjoy.
  3. Smoothies apple and banana.
    Prepare a glass of milk, banana, and an apple. Peel the skin, then cut into small pieces, then blend them all until smooth. If you want, you can add honey to it. Enjoy with ice cubes when it’s hot.
  4. Smoothies peanut butter and honey.
    This drink is very delicious served when the weather is hot. Prepare a spoon of cocoa powder, a few spoonfuls of peanut butter, some spoon honey, and a banana. Blend until smooth, and ready to enjoy.

You can add ice cream, syrup, or sweetened condensed milk if appetizing. It will add to the favors of those smoothies drinks. Good luck.


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