Benefits of Giving Encouragement with Applause

giving encouragement with applause

When someone is applauding to encourage their favorite soccer team, or for the achievements of others, then there are many positive benefits that can be achieved. Especially is the benefit for their own health.

Did you know that in the palm of the hand there are 28 nerve points that will be stimulated if the emphasis is continuous? It is described by Ayurvedic medicine experts, Indian traditional medicine, Rahul Dogra from Kairali Ayurveda.

Nerve point it is connected with other body parts if stimulated then it will also be affected.

There are at least four benefits of the applause you can get, as described by Rahul and Boldsky page =

  1. Blood circulation is smooth.
    Clapping for 20-30 minutes can spur blood circulation in the body becomes more fluent. Circulation that causes energy in the body getting bigger because the blood flow also carries oxygen throughout the body.
  2. Pain subsided.
    Applause can also help to relieve pain in some parts of the body such as the wrist, back, neck, etc. That’s because the nerve point gets stimulated from the continued clapping movement.
  3. Oxygen.
    The spirited activity also helps to smooth the circulation of oxygen throughout the body’s organs, because the lungs work to pump them up.
  4. Blood pressure is stable.
    Clapping can stabilize blood pressure because the activity can launch blood circulation and also oxygen in the body. In addition, positive emotions will increase if you hear applause when encouraging. May be useful.

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