Although Rich in Antioxidants But Avocado Seeds Should Not Be Eaten

avocado seeds

Avocado fruit contains many benefits for health, plus it tastes very good to make addictive anyone who eats it. Not only that, but avocado seeds are also claimed to contain high antioxidant substances that good for skin health. But is it okay to consume it?

It turned out that although it contains benefits, avocado seeds are not for consumption. It was revealed by a nutritionist named Cynthia Sass.

“Although research on beneficial compounds in avocado seeds is found, safety consumption has not been demonstrated,” she said.

Therefore, what health risks that will occur if the avocado seed is consumed is not known for sure.

If anyone wants to take advantage of the nutritional content in avocado seeds, it should be used for outer body only. For example as a mask for skin health.

Avocado seeds are useful in destroying fat, so some health practitioners use it to remove cellulite. The way is easy: grab an avocado seed, crush it.

Mix with a spoon of olive oil, then apply on the skin surface that there is cellulite. Gently massage, and let stand until dry. Afterward rinse thoroughly. Perform these therapies routinely until cellulite on the surface of the skin thinning and missing.

To be sure there is no traditional medicine that uses avocado seeds for consumption, so you should not do it if you want to stay healthy.

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