Various Benefits of Basil Seeds That Fresh to Break the Fast

benefits of basil seeds

Breaking the fast will feel refreshing with natural herbal drinks that are nutritious for health, like ice basil seed. Basil is a plant that belongs to the sweet basil family, a kind of basil.

Basil seed is not only used as food and medicine, but leaves and flowers can be consumed. Believed each of these parts has a property for the health of the human body.

Here are the benefits of eating basil seed, as summarized from various sources =

  1. Fiber (dietary fiber).
    The content of healthy fiber in basil seed is useful to absorb cholesterol and excessive blood sugar. Not only that, the fiber is well known for digestion, preventing the occurrence of constipation and even lowering the fever.
  2. Aphrodisiac.
    Aphrodisiac foods are known to increase male hormones and libido. This is the effect of the cineole and tannin substances contained by the seed of basil. For women, these substances also give the same effect.
  3. Cool the body.
    This drink is cooling the body naturally, and soothing (sedative). Very good for the condition of the body all day does not consume fluids because of fasting, also ease the fever.
  4. Reduce fever.
    If you have a fever, then basil seed will help to restore body temperature to normal. It also improves the immune system that is declining.
  5. Gastrointestinal pain and heart disease.
    Because the effect is good for digestive health, traditional South Asian medicine uses a lot of seeds of basil or chia seed in some of their therapies. Similarly, to maintain heart health, because of its positive properties to absorb bad cholesterol.

Basil seeds are also widely consumed in the form of beverages for tonic or body freshener after sick.


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