Children Like to Play Slime, Alert the Chemicals in It

children like to play slime

Slime is a sticky object like a gel but can stretch when pulled. Children now love to play it, because it is available in various attractive colors and can be formed variously. Even on the market today also sold materials to make slime, so children can learn to make their own at home.

However, parents should be aware of the chemicals used to make slime. Make sure the material is safe for the child and does not cause negative effects to their health.

The warning is certainly not without cause because there has been a case of blistering a child’s skin in the US Massachusets due to playing slime.

Quoted from The Asian Parent page, Kathleen (11) playing slime with her friends as usual. But at night she cried in pain because of her blistered skin. Kathleen’s parents panicked and took their child to the doctor.

In the examination, Kathleen’s hands turned out to experience the effects of burns caused by borax chemicals that often become the main ingredient of slime. The use of borax is intended to make a chewy texture of slime.

The material whose scientific name is tetrasodium borate for some children is not problematic. But for some other skinned sensitive, can cause blister effect in hand.

Parents also have to direct the child not to put slime into the mouth, and always wash hands after playing it.


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